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Megan Fox Talks Jonah Hex

Published June 11, 2009 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, SplashPage
Megan Fox Megan Fox
When Megan Fox tells you that a film is going to be amazing, it might be wise to at least pay attention. I mean, after doing both Transformers and Transformers 2, one would assume that a film must be pretty unique to draw her praise. The same might hold true for Jonah Hex, a comicbook adaptation that has Fox starring alongside Josh Brolin.

Megan Fox Talks Jonah Hex

Before we begin, I highly suggest you check out the first photos of Megan Fox on set of Jonah Hex. As you might have noticed, the period garb fits her incredibly well. But where were we...

Splashpage recently caught up with Megan Fox to discuss what a cool movie Jonah Hex is. Here is a little of what she had to say on the project.

“That movie is gonna be amazing,” explained the “Transformers” star. “It’s a post-civil war, apocalyptic type Western. The director Jimmy [Hayward] is a lunatic, and he might be a genius. From some of the things I’ve seen him shoot, it’s a badass movie.”

Though the set photos featured Fox in outfit, many fans of the comicbook couldn't place who she might be playing.

Fox explains that the confusion was to be expected, as her character wasn't exactly a big one.

“They’ve changed her name a couple of times — it’s Leila now,” Fox explained. “She is a prostitute. She’s a good ol’ working girl, and she’s a love-interest to Jonah… of sorts. I mean, it’s by no means a classic type of relationship.”

“She wasn’t really featured in the comics,” Fox said of her character. “Her name was initially Liala, and now they changed it — or it was Layla, and now they changed it to Leila. … All the women in the movie are prostitutes. … [I’m] sort of a tough, no-nonsense prostitute. Like, she’ll shoot you in the head if she has to. And she does!”

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, SplashPage

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