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Denzel Washington Unstoppable Again

Published July 23, 2009 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of WireImage, Variety
Denzel Washington Denzel Washington
When Denzel Washington officially exited Unstoppable two weeks back I assume he was through with that project. But, then again, 20th Century Fox did sound awfully confident on getting him back, and so they have.

Denzel Washington Back to Unstoppable

Talk about a casting roller coaster. Fox is back on schedule with the return of Denzel Washington to Unstoppable, a film that is supposed to begin production this fall. To the studio's relief, pre-production has resumed over in Pittsburgh.

Washington had been attached since April to reteam with Scott and play a veteran engineer who jumps into a locomotive with a young conductor (Chris Pine) to stop an unmanned runaway train loaded with toxic cargo. Written by Mark Bomback, the film is loosely based on true events.

Washington initially exited production when Fox tried to cut both his and director Tony Scott's salaries. Fox made it known that there was an updated script -- supposedly one that would keep Washington with the production -- and it looks like this new script was partially the reason for his return.

So did he accept the pay cut? Well, that isn't being said, but I'm guessing he still has a lot to earn on the back end.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of WireImage, Variety

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