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Jimmy Hayward on Jonah Hex

Published July 27, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Warner Bros
Jonah Hex Poster Jonah Hex
Coming to Comic Con, facing both fans and press, director Jimmy Hayward was getting a little guff on jumping from the animated Horton Hears a Who to Jonah Hex. I mean, how can a cartoon guy do a “real” movie? That’s crazy! At a casual moment at the annual Wrath of Con party, Hayward explained to me, “I make the movies I want to make.”

Jonah Hexed by Jimmy Hayward

Back in the official press rounds, Hayward explained why a western superhero like Jonah Hex means as much to him as a childhood literary classic. “I’m a huge western fan. That’s one of the things Josh [Brolin] and I connected on very early was our love of that whole genre and style. I was a huge fan of the comic book. Getting the opportunity to blend that stuff together, I never thought I'd see Jonah Hex get made. Andrew Lazar has had this property for 15 years, so getting an opportunity to get on it was huge for me because it was great to use the spaghetti westerns as a jumping off point and then make an action movie on top of that based on this character that we love.”

As a Hex fan, Hayward is also well versed in the character’s animated incarnations. “Yeah, those things are great. He kind of looks like Johnny Winters in that one, the Bruce Timm-ish kind of one, but it's cool to see. I'm a Jonah Hex fan, so whenever I get to see Jonah Hex moving around or doing anything, I'm pretty stoked on it. Those came from sort of different eras. I guess there’s a new one. Warner Brothers is making a new one to go on some direct to video stuff, like a 10 minute thing that’s going to be coming up which I’m not too sure.”

Hex has even teamed up with Batman before, but with Christian Bale doing well on his own, Hayward thinks a live-action movie teamup is unlikely. “Well, they’ve been on screen. I don't know if that would happen.”

Jonah Hex opens to theaters on August 6th, 2010.

For more movie info, go to the Jonah Hex Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros

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