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The Road Gets Clips (and Ripped)

Published September 4, 2009 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of TWC, TrailerAddict
The Road The Road

Seeing that many of you are likely watching the clock right now at the office with Labor Day weekend upon us, I though I'd help pass the time with a few new clips from The Road. While the film does look good, I was also alerted to a review that absolutely bashes it. So why not include that too?

The Road Clips and Review

First up, the good people at TrailerAddict have posted five new clips for The Road, which will all likely make you feel pretty miserable but very appreciative of life as we currently know it. Check out one clip below and the rest here.

Once you're done with watching those, and thinking you might just have a good film worth watching, you might want to check out what Variety had to say about the adaptation below.

This "Road" leads nowhere. If you're going to adapt a book like Cormac McCarthy's 2006 bestseller, you're pretty much obliged to make a terrific film or it's not worth doing -- first because expectations are high, and second, because the picture needs to make it worth people's while to sit through something so grim. Except for the physical aspects of this bleak odyssey by a father and son through a post-apocalyptic landscape, this long-delayed production falls dispiritingly short on every front. Showing clear signs of being test-screened and futzed with to death, the Dimension release may receive a measure of respect in some quarters but is very, very far from the film it should have been, spelling moderate to tepid B.O. prospects after big fest preems.

The Road opens to theaters on October 16th.

For the trailer and more movie info, go the The Road Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of TWC, TrailerAddict

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