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Jennifer's Body Clips!

Published September 14, 2009 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Fox Atomic, TrailerAddict
While I'm not one for the horror genre, there is something about Jennifer's Body that's caught my attention. Sure, Megan Fox kiss chicks and eat guys definitely provides extra kudos, but there is also just a general fun element here that I'm digging. That being said, I was happy to see that the recent batch of clips for the film are up to my expectations.

Clips: Jennifer's Body

When a gorgeous cheerleader is possessed by a demon and starts feeding off the boys in a small Minnesota farming town, her "plain Jane" best friend must kill her, then escape from a correctional facility to go after the Satan-worshipping rock band responsible for the horrible transformation.

Besides the eight new clips, there is also a new featurette that quickly takes a look at the film's story and girl-on-girl action; yay! Check out all the clips by going to TrailerAddict or just click the poster below:

Jennifer's Body PosterJennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body opens to theaters on September 18th.

For the poster, trailers and more movie info, go to the Jennifer's Body Movie Page.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Fox Atomic, TrailerAddict

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