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New York, I Hate You

Published October 16, 2009 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
New York, I Love YouNew York, I Love You
I wasn’t a huge fan of Paris Je t’aime. I thought fewer than half of the segments were good, so even as the sum of its parts, it just became another example of how spotty anthology films are. New York, I Love You isn’t even qualified in that way. It’s just bad.

Review: New York, I Love You

There is only one segment out of the entire series of shorts that I even liked. It happened to be the one directed by Brett Ratner. The man knows how to entertain. His short is sweet and progressive.

Everything else is soooo actor-y. They all feel like stage exercises. Their “twists” are so obvious the reaction is more “Ughhhh” than “Ah-ha.” I do remember that being an issue with Paris also. How hard is it to have surprises in a short? You can’t go five minutes without giving everything away?

This time there are no director identification tags before each segment, so you don’t even get the pleasure of seeing, “Oh, I know that guy. I wonder what he’s going to do. Oh, this filmmaker makes this type of film. What a surprise her segment is so unconventional?” Although, there are no unconventional segments here, but you get the idea. They took away one of the fun parts of Paris.

Instead they have interstitial segments, even shorter than the five minute mini-films, to bridge segments together. This is a disaster. The whole point of this anthology series is that it’s just one after another, the only connection being the city. Now you’re trying to go Pulp Fiction? It’s also totally unnecessary. Who cares if you see characters from one story pass through another shorter story? The stories still suck.

A few of the stories make reference to France. Perhaps that’s intended as an homage to the original. It’s inconsequential, just something I noticed.

New York, I Love You is just another pretentious indie film. Big stars and filmmakers got their jollies experimenting, and it probably didn’t cost anyone much, so it’s harmless, but it doesn’t even have the bright spots Paris Je T’aime had.

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Fred Topel
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