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Peter Berg Exits Dune

Published October 29, 2009 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, Pajiba
Dune Poster Dune
Well, Crap. I may be in the minority with my sentiments, but, first, I liked the first Dune movie just fine -- though the little girl creeped my shit -- and, two, I was geeked to hear that Peter Berg would be directing the remake. Just when we thought the new hot topic surrounding the project would be casting, it turns out that Peter Berg exited Dune some time ago.

Peter Berg Off Dune

Some time ago, as in a few weeks ago. The good people at Pajiba have learned that Berg has packed his bags and exited the project, which he was only loosely tied to anyway. Paramount, however, was counting on him, and are now looking to find a new director. There are, however, some conditions.

The search, however, has run into two issues: 1) they’re looking for a director who can put the movie together for under $175 million, which sounds manageable, but they don’t want anything resembling the crap effects of the ‘84 film, and 2) they want a director who already has a preexisting passion for the novel and is enthusiastic about the project. Right now, Paramount is shopping the script to two directors: They like Neill Blompkamp (District 9), who has the right vision, but the frontrunner, at the moment, is Neil Marshall (The Descent), who was sent the script early this month. However, despite the enthusiasm of producer, Kevin Misher (Public Enemies), the studio is somewhat tepid on Marshall, uncertain about handing over a $175 million film with franchise potential to a somewhat unknown director whose only hit was the modestly successful The Descent.

Since I currently want to hand every major sci-fi franchise to Neill Blompkamp, I'm all for him directing.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, Pajiba

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