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Hopkins and Bening Join Hemingway & Fuentes

Published November 5, 2009 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, Variety
Anthony Hopkins Anthony Hopkins
Andy Garcia is off to a good start for his period drama, Hemingway & Fuentes. Both Anthony Hopkins and Annette Bening have agreed to play the title roles.

Anthony Hopkins, Annette Bening for Hemingway & Fuentes

Andy Garcia wrote the script for Hemingway & Fuentes with Hilary Hemingway, the granddaughter of author Ernest Hemingway. The drama chronicles the two decades that Hemingway spent in Cuba fishing with his best friend Gregorio Fuentes, where he fell in love with the beautiful Italian girl who inspired him to write “The Old Man and the Sea.” Garcia will play Fuentes, and Bening will play the author's third wife, Mary Welsh Hemingway.

Garcia, who has been interested in a project like this since the 70s, will also direct and produce.

“I was specifically most interested in Hemingway's connection to Cuba, where he spent the last 20 years of his life, and his relationship with his last captain, Gregorio,” Garcia said. “As an avid fisherman, I got to know older Cuban fisherman who knew Gregorio from the fishing culture of the 40s and 50s, and who would compete in tournaments outside the city of Havana, which was really the beginning of competitive fishing.”

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of respective holders, Variety

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