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North by Northwest on Blu-Ray

Published November 21, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
North by Northwest North by Northwest
Oh my God, like the old James Bond movies, North by Northwest looks like evidence of time travel. I mean, the only way they could make a 50 year old movie look like this is if they traveled back in time and completely reshot it with modern high definition equipment.

North by Northwest on Blu-Ray

It’s so bright and sharp. The picture is smooth with almost no grain. It still looks like Technicolor so I couldn’t say it looks like reality with that palette, but it looks like a living breathing Technicolor world.

Night lit by headlights is the bluest I’ve ever seen and you still see the detail in the road, the mountains and woods nearby. All those ornate places the mysterious bad guys live are full of lavish detail and color. The hotel room hideouts and auction houses too. Everyone’s slick hair shines like Mad Men.

In the famous airplane scene, you see all the detail in the dirt fields, and the visual effects behind Cary Grant don’t look fake. It’s a clear, bright day and the rocks chip off with machine gun fire. You see the nature of Rushmore park in lavish detail too.

No detail shatters the illusion of perfect Hollywood. The Blu Ray totally preserves Hitchcock’s vision with amazing new clarity. Well, the composite effects atop Mt. Rushmore are jarring, but the close-ups still show you the detail in the glorious moonlight.
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Fred Topel
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