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Gone With the Wind on Blu-Ray

Published November 23, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Gone With the Wind Gone With the Wind
One of my problems with watching older movies is that they look like old movies. There’s just something different looking about them that reminds you it’s dated. It looks like Blu Ray is correcting that, making classic films look strikingly new.

Even with Gone with the Wind’s Technicolor, there’s a certain reality to the look of the plantation fields, and a 3-D depth to the scenes. I’ve never seen skin tones so convincing in old movies. That’s another thing that makes them look fake, they don’t look like real people. It’s pretty stark now, and you see them through epic crowds, on sets or location.

Gone With the Wind on Blu-Ray

Of course the lavish epic of Gone with the Wind has plenty of detail to see in new Blu Ray quality. All the fabrics of the costumes come out, either the frilly gowns or old military uniforms. You see the texture of horses’ coats, ornate mansions, the gritty Atlanta town square, dirt streets, straw hats.

Another interesting nuance of a Blu Ray transfer is that you can see the distinction when actors in the foreground are standing in front of a projection screen. However, it becomes a more convincing effect because the background projection is brought up to such high quality.

You forgive a few grainy scenes. Grain fills in some of the shapes but it’s not distracting. It’s still high definition, with small grains remaining from the original film.

The color is stunning. Scarlett’s green bows highlight her white dress. The gowns and decorations of the bazaar pop. The orange fire, both as a scene itself and a backlight, is gorgeous.

Gone with the Wind is available on Blu-Ray, DVD, On Demand & Digital Download now.

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