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Nimrod Antal on Armored

Published November 30, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Screen Gems
The previews for Armored show all the action with car crashes and explosions. The cast preferred to describe it as a character drama with some action in it. Director Nimrod Antal put it in a different cinematic context.

Nimrod Antal Directs Armored

“One thing that appealed to me is that this isn’t about gangsters,” Antal said. “It’s not about a bunch of bad men doing a bad thing. It is really about a lot of desperate men putting themselves into a situation that became ugly. That is something we haven’t seen for awhile. Of course, there was A Simple Plan and there have been films similar to that, but I think we were able to bring a real toughness and a very heavy vibe to a film about men that are just desperate. You get to know them as a unit, as a very well oiled machine. They are very jovial. There seems to be a lot of love and care between these guys. All of a sudden, it becomes this nightmare. It starts to fall apart. I think that’s what was intriguing to the guys. The actors. They got to play with that.”

A group of security guards decide to rob their own armored money truck. Anatal saw the parallels to his first movie, Kontroll, which explored the world of subway inspectors.

“There are definitely some similarities as far as a group or unit of guys in this subculture. Armored car drivers are a mystery to everybody. We don’t ever really see into that world. And in my first film, the occupation of ticket inspector wasn’t something audiences were familiar with. For foreign audiences, it was almost like science fiction. Yeah. There are a lot of similar things. With each character in the film, regardless of how many pages they have, or how much dialogue they have, they are living, breathing guys. You get to know each and every one of them. I see a lot of similarities there, in the subculture and the structure of the guys together.”

Armored PosterArmored

Armored PosterArmored

However, like some other heist movies, Armored does have a guy with a gutshot moaning through the movie. “Regardless of what happens, I know people will see parallels. I only hope that people will be able to see beyond those parallels and appreciate the film for what it is. I’m sure people were thinking of City on Fire when they were watching Reservoir Dogs. So you are going to eventually run into it one way or the other.”

Armored only cost $25 million to make, but Antal was able to achieve a lot of explosive action. “[I could] make it a $75 million film. That’s no joke. This is going to look like a much bigger film than the budget we actually had. I do that through preparation. We had a lot of storyboards. I’m also surrounded by very talented men. Jon Gary Steele is our production designer. He is probably one of the most underrated guys working in the business right now. You guys saw the set. It was really mind blowing. The attention to detail. Even Charlie, who painted the set, was great. If you look at the pillars, they have rusty on them. It was build out of wood. The lighting is so beautiful. And the camera movement is so controlled, it feels like a big film. Plus, you are looking at Matt Dillon, Jean Reno, and Lawrence Fishburne, so that helps too.”

Armored opens to theaters on December 4th.

For the trailers and more movie info, go to the Armored.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Screen Gems

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