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Amaury Nolasco on Armored

Published December 1, 2009 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Screen Gems
Armored PosterArmored
Amaury Nolasco was the convict everyone was pulling for on Prison Break. We just wanted Sucre to get out to his girl. We might not feel so warmly towards his character in Armored.

Amaury Nolasco Armored

“There’s a little bit of a dark side with this guy, a lot of internal things going,” Nolasco said. “He’s a born again guy. He found God after being in prison after so many years and gang related events. So he’s got always that duality, that conflict of ‘are we doing the right thing?’ about stealing this money and the other things that are going to happen. For me it was a no brainer, saying yes to a role like this, taking me completely away from what Sucre is, the good guy, the team player, the guy who will sacrifice for his buddies. I mean, this is completely different.”

Nolasco is reluctant to call his Armored character an out and out “bad guy,” but it’s tough for him to spin it. “I try to find a justification that he’s not bad. You know what, everyone’s got a reason. Recently I did Street Kings and I needed to find a justification for a cop being corrupted. I always say that when you join to be a cop, you don’t join to be a corrupted cop. I guess you had a dream at the beginning to become a cop and what not and fight the crime and then eventually something happens in the journey. Same thing in this case. He’s a born again guy, but definitely he’s got some things in his life, some circumstances. These are my own choices but either a daughter with leukemia, all these reasons for him to get pushed to that limit of, ‘You know what, I need this money.’ So, is he a bad guy? Is he a good guy? I don’t know. He’s a confused guy, basically.”

Armored features an armored truck heist pulled by the security guards supposed to protect it. Either way you spin it, stealing should conflict with a born again Christian. “Absolutely, you’ll see, I don’t how much can I give. You’ll see these justifications come up and I hope that they come across in which everyone’s got their own reason. I don’t think they really show them exactly why, pretty much they show why Columbus [Short] and they show why Matt [Dillon], the rest of the other guys we have our own reasons and we don’t voice them out, but you can see the conflict whether we do it and why not.”

Having played so many corrupt law enforcement agents, Nolasco should really hang with his Street Kings director David Ayer. “I guess I should have called him for more research for this one I guess. It’s funny I talked to him a few weeks ago, and he’s very proud of that movie as well. I haven’t seen it because I’ve been working on this but I can’t wait to see it, it comes out in a bout a month. But no, he’s got all those people that he’s been in touch with, somehow. He’s very in touch with that.”

Armored opens to theaters on December 4th.

For the trailers, poster and more movie info, go to the Armored.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Screen Gems

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