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Shorts on Blu-Ray

Published December 4, 2009 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Shorts Shorts
Robert Rodriguez’s self contained digital world looks clear and real on Blu Ray. Shorts is about crazy stuff happening in the real world of suburbia, not the usual Robert Rodriguez hyper stylized green screen world. You see the sterile, plain homes and natural outdoors.

Gone With the Wind on Blu-Ray

You don’t see any grain because there was no film. It’s totally clear, but there’s no extra super detail. The crazy stuff blends the scene so it looks like it was actually part of the green outdoors or inside in the kitchen.

There is something flat about it. Rodriguez likes quick and easy, but you see everything. It’s so lit, there’s not much depth to the mise en scene. You do see some textures, like the instruction manual cover, scratches on the wishing rock, clothing fabric, the house walls, scales on the reptiles and the shiny black suited villains.

It’s the world you know with things you’d imagine, as if they really exist. Robots, flying reptiles and two headed parents look real even though you know they’re effects. The booger monster is a little more heightened, but it shows good color and detail too.

The bonus features are disappointing for Robert Rodriguez. The 10 Minute Film School doesn’t actually teach you how to do anything. It just shows you stuff you could do. It’s really just an excuse for Rodriguez to show his family home movies. Sure, his home movies are full of effects that are better than most slide shows, but it’s still not a film lesson. So too is the cooking school just reveling in Rodrigeuz’s own kid. And the behind the scenes stuff on effects is less informative than it is hype.

Shorts is now available on Blu Ray, DVD, digital download and On Demand.

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