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Brother's Keeper Gets Cast

Published December 8, 2009 in Casting Update
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders, THR
Danny Glover Danny Glover
WWE Films have found their cast for the upcoming family drama Brother's Keeper. Though it sounds like an odd combo, having Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, Madeleine Martin, Danny Glover and John Cena onboard definitely isn't a bad start.

Patricia Clarkson, Devon Graye, Madeleine Martin, Danny Glover and John Cena for Brother's Keeper

Directed by Mel Damski off a screenplay by John Posey, Brother's Keeper centers on a teenage boy (Graye) who tries to reunite his mother (Clarkson) and estranged older brother (Cena) 10 years after the death of their father, a state college wrestling legend. A brilliant student with no apparent athletic talents, the teenager decides to join the high school wrestling team as a way to pull the family together

Patricia Clarkson can next be seen in Scorsese's Shutter Island, while Graye can be spotted on Showtime's Dexter. If you think Danny Glover's looking old, then you should see him in the upcoming film Death at a Funeral. Cena has been a favorite for WWE Films, having starred in The Marine and Twelve Rounds; both of which were from the production house.

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Ryan Parsons
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