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Gremlins on Blu-Ray

Published January 7, 2010 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Gremlins Gremlins
Gremlins’ Blu Ray transfer looks like clear film, almost smooth but a tiny bit of grain. It looks classic, older than the ‘80s, a sort of retro style that fits with the creature films to which it hearkened back. Even the grain has the aura of a wood finish.

Gremlins on Blu-Ray

You still see some detailed textures. ‘80s sweaters, Mogwai fur, gooey cocoons, gremlin puppet texture, ice caked tires, gooey kills and regular walls provide crisp detail against which to set gremlin mischief. When the stop motion horde marches, you can see each distinct frame now.

The colors are good too with all the Christmas lights. The winter whites are bright. You can tell where Kingston Falls ends and the backdrop begins, and there’s still a grip in the Christmas tree but those are cool nostalgic highlights.

Gremlins is now available on Blu Ray from Warner Home Video.

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Fred Topel
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