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Matthew Goode on Leap Year

Published January 7, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Leap Year Leap Year

Matthew Goode ended 2009 with a heartbreaking performance as Colin Firth’s deceased lover in A Single Man. He starts 2010 romancing Amy Adams in Leap Year. I put him on the spot to say who was the better kisser.

Matthew Goode Leap Year

“Why would you put me under pressure like that?” Goode said. “They’re both pretty good. I think I’ve got to be honest. I mean, I would still say that my other half kisses the best. No, both lovely. It beats work.”

At least audiences will get to see two different sides of Goode. “I always feel lucky to work. You try and make some good choices but at the same time you never know if a good script is going to turn into a good film. I think with that one it was a pretty easy decision. Certainly, with Single Man, it was like Colin Firth is doing it and so is Julianne Moore. I would love to work with both of those people and yeah, it’s just nice to continue. If you look at The Lookout going into Brideshead, going into Watchmen, going into Single Man, they’re all quite different. You might be sitting there going, no, he gave the second performance. So that’s what you try and look for.”

Leap Year Leap Year

Leap Year Leap Year

Leap Year Leap Year

Goode plays Declan, a down on his luck Irishman who agrees to transport a high maintenance American (Amy Adams) to her fiance’s vacation spot for a surprise visit. “I’d been to Ireland. The last time I’d been to Ireland was on a stag tooth that went terribly wrong, or right. It was a stag tooth that did exactly as it said in the tin. But I had never filmed there before and I certainly hadn’t been to the West as they’d say over there. It was beautiful and it does hark back to films in certain places. I mean, it’s a standard romantic comedy. Let’s not beat around the bush so to speak. It was lovely and I loved the people. The Irish people are fantastic and it’s a nation of great storytellers. After work, you can really relax and [let] everyone else amuse you, and the Guinness tastes better in Ireland. Yeah, it was great. I had a really good time.”

Also, not a bad nightlife. “Yeah, I’m not stupid. Yeah. You finish work. It’s not like I’m a slave to the job, and you’ll only do it when it’s right to do it. Yes, of course, going out and relaxing at the end of a day and listening to traditional Irish music and being there until 3 in the morning hoofing down a few Guinesses is hardly a break from Britain. We’re fairly steeped in that tradition as well. Every man has got to relax.”

Leap Year opens to theaters on January 8th.

For the trailers and more movie info, go to the Leap Year Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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