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Fred Tries to Skip Leap Year

Published January 8, 2010 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Leap Year Poster Leap Year
Boy, people must really love demanding characters who relate everything to their own wants. They just keep making movies about these people and they do all right, so that must be what everyone finds adorable.

Review: Leap Year

In Leap Year, Anna (Amy Adams) is the typical power girl. She’s obsessive, she spit polishes the local bar and she wants to live in The Davenport because she always has. Her job is to stage apartments for open houses, in case you didn’t get that she likes to control everything.

Where Leap Year gets more obnoxious is that it’s not even as believable as other romantic comedies of bad values. Anna gets stranded because she chartered a boat in a storm. That means not only is she selfish, but she’s not even good enough at it to find a sound means of transportation.

Declan (Matthew Goode) has to get Anna the rest of the way to Dublin. Along the way, he judges her and she’s so insecure she defends herself to this stranger. Anna really is a bitch. She’s just not nice. That’s not cute.

Her misadventures on the road are just clumsy, not funny. A car rolls back down the hill just as you’d expect it to as the pieces of it fall apart and Declan hems and haws with his hands on his head. John Hughes really did everything, I guess. There are no more jokes left for any other movies. Cows aren’t funny or cute. They’re just there.

Worse, most of the setups aren’t even jokes at all. It’s just stupid behavior. So what happens is what obviously would happen if you make irresponsible decisions. That’s not a joke, it’s just consequences. Don’t give your stuff to strangers. Don’t wander off when you’re waiting for a train. What do you think is going to happen?

You can do the standard mismatch story, but you have to be funny.

Leap Year is so lethargic, mumbly and complainy, even the “witty” remarks are delayed. It sure takes an inordinate amount of time working itself out.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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