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Bitch Slap an Actual Exploitation Movie

Published January 8, 2010 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Freestyle Releasing
Bitch Slap PosterBitch Slap
I was going to compare Bitch Slap to Grind House, but they’re not in the same genre. Grind House is an homage to exploitation movies. Bitch Slap is an actual exploitation movie. There’s no homage going on. It’s just the genre.

Review: Bitch Slap

It’s cleavage heaven with three lovely unknowns bending over in slow motion. I can’t even look them in the eyes when they’re on screen. There’s some shoe fetish in there too, but it’s definitely the perfect cleavage movie with tops that get bustier as the action progresses.

The sex appeal is the movie’s biggest strength. There are great slow motion montages, including random glamour. The girls decide to pour water on each other in the desert. Bravo to them. There’s also really hot girl on girl passion. It’s convincing, like they’re really in love, not just playing at it.

It’s hot enough that you even forgive the “respectable” conceit that you don’t see any of them naked. Oh, there are some random boobies but the real money is just a tease. That kind of reeks of Hollywood with their no nudity clauses, but I do respect the performers enough to let them do exploitation without tits. The ladies play their types as dictated: the crazy muscle, the sophisticated brains and the adorable ditz.

The story is a one location situation with flashbacks to backstory. Shooting all the backstories on green screen with CGI locations betrays the exploitation aesthetic of the film. Yeah, it’s cheap to fake locations that way, but if you’re low budget you’re not supposed to be using fancy technology either. And they don’t do anything that exploitative with it. The “3 Months Ago” flashback is pretty fun though.

The action doesn’t get really crazy until the climax. None of the kills are that outrageous. You’ve seen wilder stuff in Hollywood movies. Troma does more outrageous violence too. <B>Bitch Slap</B> looks more polished than Troma, but it’s not a polished story so they should go bigger.

Bear with it though, because when it finally does come to a head, it twists and twists and twists past the point of reason and logic. Best of all, it doesn’t care. It just keeps going. The girls saved their real moves for their last few fights.

Bitch Slap knows its genre. It works through the motions of a convoluted crime plot as an excuse to show off some female bodies. It’s not particularly clever about it and doesn’t really have anything to say except “we can do it too.” You do end up rooting for the good guys, so that’s something.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Freestyle Releasing

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