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Dangerous Man on DVD

Published January 26, 2010 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Dangerous Man Dangerous Man
I can’t help giving any straight to video Steven Seagal movie a chance. Even though this one’s not on Blu Ray, the DVD holds up. You see some pores and peach fuzz in close-ups and a little bit of grit.

Dangerous Man on DVD

The story is the same ex special forces background getting unjustly framed. His wife abandons him while he’s in prison, but at least he flashes back to her lovingly stripping for him. I love those romantic stripping flashbacks.

The opening credits look like a TV show opening. Steven Seagal should have his own Walker, Texas Ranger type show where he just kicks people’s ass in some generic weekly plot. Not like Steven Seagal: Lawman, but a fictional gratuitous excuse for being awesome.

He gives a big speech right off the bat. It’s not about the environment but it does chastise the justice system. He becomes a blatant vigilante breaking all moral codes, roughing up some street hoods. I’ll take what I can get, and at least if you’re not going theatrical, they can dispose of all the rules.

You see him do a lot of moves, including all of that hand sh*t he always did, and he gets some kicks on screen too. Wherever there’s a double it’s cut in well, and not as gratuitous as some of the other ones I’ve seen. He breaks some bones on screen, and it’s blatantly bloody and brutal.

There’s a whole lotta plot in the middle, and recapping what’s come before to some of the new characters. A lot of other guys fight and shoot each other, but then Seagal shows up. It still has tons of action for a low budget.

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Fred Topel
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