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Amanda Seyfried on Dear John

Published February 3, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Screen Gems
Dear John Dear John

Channing Tatum was the male lead in the latest Nicholas Sparks-based romance, Dear John. Finding his leading lady was a more elaborate audition process. Amanda Seyfried stood out from the competition to snag the role of Savannah.

Amanda Seyfried Reads Dear John

“The scenes that I was auditioning with, some of them were the initial falling in love moments where they first meet and when she’s explaining the house, the Habitat for Humanity,” she said. “Then the other scene was the end where they see each other after six years for the first time. So it was two different sides of that story. What you want to do when you have an audition is just make something as real as possible, and subtle too. That’s where you get the genuine moments, for me at least. They wanted chemistry and excitement.”

Savannah was a girl after Seyfried’s own heart so she brought sincerity to her audition, and then the role. “I think I just connect to how I relate to her. It’s not hard to relate to her. She’s a girl my age. We’re both open minded, open hearted, pretty smart I like to think. And confident, so I don't think it’s hard for anybody my age as an actress to relate to somebody like that. So I just had to. What I really had to do was connect to the moments that I remember when I first fell in love and the excitement and the sparkle I had in my eyes and just use that in the room, connect to that, and it’s not that far away. I just fell in love two years ago again. I know what that feels like and the first initial moments of meeting somebody and wanting them, you just have to really connect to that moment to make it as genuine as possible.”

Dear John Dear John

Dear John Dear John

The Sparks magic, however, is more of a mystery to Seyfried. “I saw The Notebook a million times. I know a lot of people that just can watch it over and over again. Of course Message in a Bottle I saw just randomly when I was younger. He taps into the most romantic version of any love story, very detailed, page turners. I don't know how he writes, what’s his secret, but you want more and you fall in love with these characters no matter what happens and you desperately want these characters to be together.”

Of all the movies that have been made of Sparks book, Seyfried relates to Dear John the most. “Long distance, fighting the need to sacrifice love in order to pursue your work. It’s really hard. It’s funny, someone actually said in the first roundtable, it can be very similar to being an actor, being a soldier. You have this duty, it’s loyalty, it’s what you do in your life and you have to sacrifice some things. Right now, I’m a slave to this job, this ever changing status in Hollywood. Out of fear that I might lose the status, I have to be in certain places and miss out on time with the person I love.”

Dear John opens to theaters on February 5th.

For the trailers, poster and more movie info, go to the Dear John Movie Page.
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