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Benicio del Toro on The Wolfman

Published February 11, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
Benicio del Toro didn’t just play the Wolfman. He really wanted to be The Wolfman. Inspired by the films he grew up watching, when he was admittedly way too young, del Toro spearheaded a remake of The Wolfman in which he would play Lawrence Talbot.

Benicio del Toro is The Wolfman

“When Andrew Kevin Walker came in, we gave him the ball,” del Toro said. “Just run with it. When he came back with this darker story between father and son and the Hamlet thing, I thought that was very cool. But he kept the silver bullet, the full moon and also the fact that the silver bullet will take him down which I think is important for this movie. The monster, once you put a silver bullet in him, that’s it. We wanted to have an end to the curse or the monster or whatever.”

The new version lost the pentagram, but not without a fight. “We talked about maybe that the bite, as it was healing, it made a pentagram but it didn’t go in that direction. We wanted to keep the basis of the film, of the original there.”

The Wolfman The Wolfman

The Wolfman The Wolfman

The new Wolfman is still set in Victorian England with Talbot returning home to find himself cursed. “The thing that Andrew Kevin Walker did that I also liked was that Lawrence Talbot would be more active. I think in the original, he’s a little bit more of a victim. In our version, he acts and he kind of like fights back. He almost becomes a detective but those were things that we wanted to keep, and the fact that he comes from the states making it easier for me so I don’t have to speak with an English accent. The relationship with Gwen too, get closer a little bit more than the original. I don’t mind that either. Emily Blunt, I don’t mind getting close to Emily Blunt. So those were things that the writer, when he took the ball and he tossed it back our way, that I personally liked for a remake.”

But you don’t really want to hear about the story, do you? You want to hear about the wolf makeup. “Well, you know, obviously, okay, the make up was not easy. Like, at some point, you thought, everything, the suit, everything like I go over here, I need a team of someone to come over and like help me out if I want to say something, I have to take off my teeth. So I walked around with a team that would like take off my hands so I could scratch myself.”

The Wolfman opens to theatres on February 12th.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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