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The Box on Blu-Ray

Published February 16, 2010 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
The Box The Box
I missed the screenings of The Box the week before its release and it didn’t stick around long enough for me to catch up on. I’m glad that they still gave it a good Blu Ray transfer even though the film itself didn’t perform or get any acclaim.

The Box on Blu-Ray

The movie is totally clear and smooth. You don’t see any grain and the entire film holds up. For the ‘70s set and ‘70s inspired film, you see a sepia sort of tint in the lighting on the characters and sets. Visually, the film is solid, and the widescreen frame showcases the unusual backgrounds Richard Kelly chose.

There is gross detail to see in Frank Langella’s missing half face, but nothing we haven’t seen in The Dark Knight. The snow tracked vistas look great, and just the way the entire frame surrounds a single character with detail has an interesting, unsettling effect. There are some sharp yellows and wall patterns that creep you out in crisp clarity, and that weird sort of “base of operations” is shiny and sleek.

Little details like TV screens hold up well. Whatever process they used to project Johnny Carson on an old console doesn’t have those video lines and looks better than original broadcast. Same for a film reel projected on a flatbed screen. It looks gritty and crisp.

It really is a beautiful looking film, regardless of its mass appeal. There are shots set up that just frame mundane objects well, and the way people stand up or sit in a row is significant, now crisp in Blu Ray sharpness.

Get it on Blu-Ray, DVD and Download February 23rd.

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Fred Topel
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