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Goodfellas on Blu-Ray

Published February 17, 2010 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Goodfellas Goodfellas
The new two-disc 20th Anniversary edition of Goodfellas is the first time I’ve seen it on Blu Ray. I actually remember the old HD-DVD version, which looked grainy, like there wasn’t that much you could do with a film from 1990.

Goodfellas on Blu-Ray

This transfer looks about the same. Maybe I’m looking at it in more detail now that I’m experienced. Also I have a much better TV set. You see all the gritty detail, but the film sometimes has to grain up to do it. I mean, when they’re in a red lit nightclub, there’s not much they can do. Even when it’s grainy, it looks solid, like a film. It’s definitely a clear look at mob life back then.

Including the TCM documentary on gangster film is a nice way to utilize the Time Warner library and give a broader context to the film. The booklet that comes in the center is a nice light overview of the film, themes and actors. It’s something to hold in your hands and leaf through while you’re watching a scene you know by heart anyway.

Goodfellas: 20th Anniversary Edition streets Feb. 16.

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