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Fred Does Ride-a-Long With Brooklyn's Finest

Published March 4, 2010 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Senator Entertainment
Brooklyn's FinestBrooklyn's Finest
Brooklyn’s Finest reminds us about the drama part in the phrase “cop drama.” We take for granted that a cop movie is going to be action packed, yet on television we’re more apt to revel in the actual problems that people in law enforcement have. The point of Brooklyn’s Finest is to explore what it really means to be a cop.

Review: Brooklyn's Finest

That doesn’t necessarily mean it succeeds, but that’s what it’s doing. This is the talking, acting cop drama. It’s actually about technical cop work. They respect jurisdictions and it takes a lot of administration to maintain a cover. It’s not very exciting, but I believe it’s accurate.

They fully explore the complexity of dramatic situations: the tensions at home that drive a cop, the world of the cops on the street and the mundane surprises that can change everything. I think they do it better on Southland, let alone The Shield, but here’s Cheadle, Gere and Hawk doing it.

It picks up later so you become compelled once you’ve spent an hour or so in that world. Things happen later because of actions and decisions made earlier, which is indeed what drama is about. It’s as brutal, raw and real as a movie should ever get. Cop work is messy.

Every environment is volatile. Cops are on edge even when they’re relaxing. They have real problems. I mean, an overcrowded house with mold that’s killing your wife and you can’t afford to move, that’s hard times. Decisions are hard to make.

It’s well done, it’s respectful, it gives the police their due. It feels a little like medicine, like they’re determined to educate us. I already respect police but maybe that’s good for people who need the lesson. <P> The dialogue does seem focused on pithy lines, so it’s hard to buy into it i

It reminds me a lot of Traffic, which is a movie I don’t like because it’s so proud of itself for portraying an issue, it doesn’t bother with addressing it or exploring it. Brooklyn’s Finest has more to say, but still.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Senator Entertainment

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