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American Idol Season 9 Finale

Published May 26, 2010 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of Fox
American Idol American Idol

Crystal Clear Winner, but Who Will ReaLee Win?

The Season 9 Finale was live from The Nokia Theater L.A. Live. Ryan pointed out the similarities in the two finalists. They were both discovered in the Chicago auditions and are both 24 years old. The similarities certainly stop there. Crystal, the indie artist, has been the front-runner all season. Lee has shown the most growth. But if you average their performances for the entire season with Tuesday’s efforts, Crystal would be donning the Idol crown. Yet Idol voters are enigmatic. Young girls like cute guys and so it goes.

There were three rounds. Round one was the contestants’ favorite from the season. Round 2 was a pick from Idol creator and executive producer, Simon Fuller. The song from the 3rd Round was what the finalists would release as their first single if they win. Crystal won the coin toss and chose to sing second.

Let’s break down each round.

American Idol: Season 9 Finale

Round 1 (Contestants’ Choice)

Lee DeWyze chose “The Boxer” from Inspirational Week – he performed it better than the first time, certainly one of his best performances from the season – Randy said great way to start it off, nice song, pick it up – Ellen said better than the first time (Ellen finally said something pertinent and echoed what I had written in my notes) – Kara said believable, loved you were connected to it – Simon said need more passion and excitement, that was a kiss on the cheek you need a kiss on the lips (I will so miss Simon).

Crystal Bowersox chose “Me and Bobby McGee” from Billboard Week – front of song a little week, improved as pace sped up – Randy said started out slow (that is how the song goes), then picked it up, thought it was dope – Ellen said compelling on stage, stunning – Kara said loved it when you first did it, fire in your belly – Simon said this is you when we first loved you, we’ve got a competition tonight.

Very close, but Round 1 to Lee

Round 2 (Simon Fuller’s Choice)

Lee DeWyze – “Everybody Hurts” – the R.E.M. ballad suited his voice, some wonky notes, again we had the choir, this song less known to some – Randy said better, felt passion, pitchy first couple bars – Ellen said went off a couple times – Kara said emotionally accessible, wasn’t perfect vocal – Simon said brilliant choice of song for you, off melody at some points, I feel you are nervous, I want a 10 out of 10 next time.

Crystal Bowersox – “Black Velvet” – the Alannah Myles scorcher should be banned from Idol permanently (too many other contestants have butchered it), one of the best things she has done all season, killed it, hated the dress (the stylists from this season are not doing their job) – Randy said MamaSox in it to win it, that was hot – Ellen said that was fantastic and gave a standing O – Kara said you want it – Simon said almost allergic to that song, nailed it, very impressed.

Round 2 easily to Crystal

Round 3 (chosen by contestants as the first single they would release as the winner)

Lee DeWyze – “Beautiful Day” – the U2 classic too much for him, could have been fabulous had he nailed it, with violins, no guitar, out of his comfort zone – Randy said good on you – Ellen said fully present for that song – Kara said swallowed up by the song, grown the most, one of the most commercial voices – Simon said made the most of it, what this competition was about someone working in a paint shop, genuinely a good person.

Crystal Bowersox – “Up to the Mountain” by Patty Griffin – perfect song for her, great vocal, with guitar and chorus (might have enjoyed it even more stripped down), so comfortable – Randy said great song, great singer, incredible – Ellen said in a league of your own, beautiful voice – Kara said completely emotionally invested, blossomed, amazing – Simon said by far the best performance of the night, and since this is the final critique I ‘m ever going to give - that was outstanding (I am in mourning).

Round 3 decidedly to Crystal – so in my book Crystal took the night.

Ryan thanked Simon for being a dear friend and added we wouldn’t be here without you. He also promised some surprises for Simon’s farewell on Wednesday night.

Will Young wrapped up the night with “Leave Right Now” accompanied by a video montage of Season 9 highlights. Beautifully performed live by the winner of the first season of “Pop Idol”.

Well Idol fans, was the Finale all you thought it would be? Who will win? Will that be different from who should win? How much will we all miss Simon? It all comes to an end tonight. I am sure it will be memorable. American Idol Finale Results - Wednesday on Fox.

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J Rodgers
Sources: Image property of Fox

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