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Fred Plays Split Second on XBox 360

Published June 15, 2010 in Console Games
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Split SecondSplit Second
I had a chance to play Split Second, not in great length but enough to get a sense of its entry into the medium of driving games. Driving games can be simple enough fun to pick up and play, or complicated open world epics full of individual mini challenges. Having played Blur as a fun quick start, I would rank Split Second as a tad more involved, but maybe not as lengthy as the latest Burnouts.

Console Review: Split Second

I only drove one race in Split Second but it felt like there would be a lot of handling and maneuverability to be learned from getting good at it. The driving felt a little bit more precise, so as a novice I understood why I was drifting into a wall or losing speed. Definitely something intuitive that could be improved, but not a quick study for me. Although, I already got the hang of that Days of Thunder trick where you pick up speed from the back of the guy in front of you. Drifting would take me longer to master.

The power ups were a bit more advanced and strategic too. It wasn’t just pick up a speed boost or a weapon. There were triggers to be found around the track and you’d have to activate them when you were at the right spot. Definitely something to work for and it provides a great visual when you land it.

That was enough to show me how distinct two driving games could be. I don’t have Split Second for PS3, but if I did, I could see it being something where I’d cram in a practice hour, or stay up irresponsibly late one night trying to nail a stunt.
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Fred Topel
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