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Phil LaMarr on Futurama

Published June 29, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders

Futurama is coming back, with new episodes premiering on Comedy Central. After their four DVD movies, the Planet Express crew are back on the air. Hermes voice actor Phil LaMarr previewed the new directions for Futurama. On Comedy Central, they can be dirtier than they were on Fox.


“I think one of the episodes is, I don't know if the word is raunchy or tasteless, but it’s the most out there episode we’ve ever done,” LaMarr said. “I don't know for certain but I guess that has to do with no longer being controlled by the same broadcast standards and practices. There are more things that we can say now, and do. If you’re doing an animated comedy on the same channel as South Park, no one can really tell you anything. The bar has been set so high. I would imagine on some other channels there isn’t the same level of freedom.”

The season premiere addresses the end of Into The Wild Green Yonder. Spoiler alert, but after that open ending, everyone died. It’s okay, they get reborn. “Not like it’s the first time. He got his head cut off, reattached. We go through many different manifestations and we always basically come back the same. Remember, it’s 1000 years in the future so dead means an entirely different thing. They are body-less certainly, but are they dead? It’s a world where there are a whole lot of people without bodies talking.”

Early episodes deal with Fry and Leela and Bender, but Hermes has some good storylines coming up. “Yes, yes, there’s definitely a look into more bureaucracy. A lot more of the relationship stuff between the characters in general. You’ll see people pairing up, not necessarily romantically but just like oh, these two get connected or we see that they have been connected in a way that we never noticed before and they explore that for an episode.”

Futurama returns June 24 on Comedy Central.

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Fred Topel
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