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Kat Dennings on Thor

Published July 26, 2010 in Movie News
By Fred Topel | Image property of respective holders
Thor Thor
Thor has a few lovely ladies in his life. There’s Siff, the fellow Asgardian warrior. There’s Jane Foster on earth. The movie even adds a third, Darcy. Kat Dennings plays Foster’s student assistant.

Kat Dennings Talks Thor

“I think the Darcy role was expanded as we went through the rehearsal process,” Dennings said. “So she started out as something and ended up as something else. It was pretty great. There is a pretty great female presence in the film with Jane Foster and Darcy and Siff also and Friga, Thor’s mother.”

Dennings’ focus was on scenes with Natalie Portman. “Darcy makes food for Jane and mixes her Kaschi in the morning and basically she’s a new invention. She’s not in the comics. She just sort of hopes to be like Jane one day. She’s a hesitant student. Not to be biased, but I really like our relationship in the movie. I mean, we haven’t seen any of it but I know. I feel like our love in real life came out.”

Even though she was a new character, Dennings knew her Thor. “I’ve read a lot of the comic books just growing up, and I sort of felt for me anyway that I should sort of view the script as its own thing and not try to compare and contrast the previous stuff and just treat it like its own little universe. And Darcy wasn’t in the comics so I didn’t have to worry about continuity or anything like that.”

It was also Dennings’ first big budget blockbuster superhero film. “Our first AD had his own voice throwing equipment so he was standing in video village and he’d be like, ‘Back to ones.’ His voice would echo through the whole outside. There were hidden things. It was pretty big budget I would say, pretty nuts. And everyone was so good at their job. If you were like, “Oh, man, I could really use a piece of toast made out of rubber,” somebody would be like, FWING! They were so prepared it was amazing. I had come off of something that was done for like two dollars and then I came and did this. I was like oh my god. This is awesome. It felt good. I’m not going to lie. It was pretty great. I don't know how many more movies I’ll be in like this but it was good to have one.”

Thor opens to theaters on May 6, 2011.

For more movie info, go to the Thor Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
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