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Zac Efron on Charlie St. Cloud

Published July 29, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
High School Musician Zac Efron gets to express his dramatic chops in Charlie St. Cloud. Charlie is dealing with the death of his younger brother in an automobile accident. When Charlie starts seeing his brother again, he puts aside his life plans to stay home and play catch every sunset.

Zac Efron is Charlie St. Cloud

“When he comes back, that's when Charlie really is living,” Efron said. “That's what he looks forward to. I think that's when we have the most fun, in those scenes. If you have a ghost of somebody coming back, if you make it sad, that would just be, 'Oh, man.' Instead, we just tried to have the most fun in those scenes. I think it's real to Charlie, so like a real person. He's aware of it, but it's too good. He can't let go, you know?”

Efron could relate to the film’s supernatural element. “When I was growing up there was this house that I had to drive by on the way to school every day. And it's this big, pink house. People get married there and stuff. There was always this rumor that in the top bedroom, there was a weird, attic bedroom that they never rented out but no one could really stay in it. It was closed off to the public. And there was just a bed in it. It was, apparently, a little girl's room. And I swear that place was haunted. It's just so scary. Everyone who works there says they've seen the ghost and stuff like that.”

Since High School Musical, Efron has been able to do comedies, dramas, big studio and indie movies. Many filmmakers would jump to have him headline their film. To others, he has to prove his chops.

Charlie St. Cloud Charlie St. Cloud

Charlie St. Cloud Charlie St. Cloud

“It's somewhere in between right now. It's not like I have total freedom to do whatever I want to do right now. I think that when I look at movies now, there's a million factors that go into it. First and foremost, I look at the type of movie, the messages. I really do care about the audience that's been so devoted to me so far and I would hate to leave them behind or betray them in any way. So rather than leaving them, leaving the responsibility up to them to follow me into these new films, I think that the best way to think about it is I need to stay relevant. To do that, I want to grow up, live my life, experience things, make movies about those experiences and then by the time the audience catches up, hopefully they'll have a movie there that helps them get through that next phase when they discover life isn't always like High School Musical.”

Playing catch with the ghost of a brother may be one of those tougher sells. “I think you can't help but think of it in the back of your mind. It's sort of instinctual. I definitely look at it for myself, as well, what am I going to be able to do with this character? Is it really something I can see myself doing? Can I pull this off? With Charlie St. Cloud I had my doubts. I was like, ‘Man, this would be a real emotional role.’ And then when Burr [Steers] signed on it was like, he could probably get it out of me.”

Charlie St. Cloud opens to theaters on July 30th.

For the trailers, posters and more movie info, go to the Charlie St. Cloud Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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