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The Other Guys a Great Mimic of Action Movies

Published August 6, 2010 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures
The Other Guys The Other Guys
The Other Guys does a great mimic of action movies. Some major actors do awesome exaggerations of their personas, and real stunts. In this kind of spoof, shaky cam is actually funny because that’s just what all these blowhard movies do.

Review: The Other Guys

This movie loves action though. It’s all about the excess we forgive about ridiculous action movies, only it’s funny when they don’t go right for these guys.

Otherwise it’s classic Will Ferrell. The pitch is as simple as “Will Ferrell as a cop,” or maybe even “Will Ferrell as an action hero.” It’s good Will Ferrell though, as funny as Blades of Glory, Anchorman and Elf I think.

It’s got all the analytical riffs on nonsense, exasperated yelling, random and weird stuff. They do that thing where they explore weird stuff at length and the explaining is even funnier than the original joke. They analyze the weird banter that they probably improv’ed in the first place. It’s blatantly inappropriate and keeps going.

The action is legitimately awesome though. They did come up with things we haven’t seen before. How has there not been a major tentpole set piece involving a wrecking ball before? It takes a comedy to do great crazy action.

So if you like the stuff I mentioned above, that’s what they’ve got for you in The Other Guys. It’s what you expect, in a good way, from this team and some extra surprises. And yes, there is a post credits tag. Finally, one film still puts something after the credits. So I can advise you to stay, if you’re into that sort of thing.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures

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