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Dexter Season Five Preview

Published August 31, 2010 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of Showtime
Dexter Dexter

We’ve seen a few hints about where season five of Dexter is going. They’re releasing teasers, but as is usually the case with Dexter, things aren’t always what they seem. Some of the clips show a more volatile Dexter, like he’s losing his mind. That’s just parental issues.

Upcoming Dexter

“Don't forget he's now a single dad,” producer Sara Colleton reminded the Television Critics Association this summer. “So he has some responsibilities that are really serious. And like all single dads, they don't know until the wife is gone just how much that means.”

Of course, the major issue this season is the aftermath of Rita’s death. All the fans, down to probably Julie Benz herself, are waiting to see what happens next. “I think one of the things that Dexter is examining this season, though, is his involvement in some way, or perhaps even a little bit his culpability, in the death of Rita,” said John Goldywn. “Which leads to the theme of atonement which is illuminated and dramatized over the course of this year.”

So five years in and NOW Dexter starts to feel bad? “Of course, the forum that Dexter takes to achieve atonement is not in a forum that is conventional by any means,” Colleton added. “It will be through the very unique prism of Dexter's special needs, and that's what makes it very original.”

There are also hints in the clips that the law is interested in Dexter’s activities again. Quinn has always had it out for Dexter but now he’s got more than probably cause. This is not going to be a repeat of Doakes. “The last time it happened, there was, on the one hand, the big investigation, but there was also the personal version of that, which was the character Doakes, who was going after Dexter,” said Chip Johanessen. “He wasn't armed up with a lot of information, right? He just had a sense that this guy was bad. Obviously, from the clip, it's going to be spearheaded by Quinn in some form this year, and it's really going to look a lot different because, first of all, he's going to have more actual information. He's not going to be this bull in a china shop thing just going after Dexter. And the other thing is, because he isn't the bull in a china shop, this sort of outsider in the bull pen, Quinn has found a home there, which is one of the nice things about this show, I think, that there's this kind of work environment that feels very family-like. He's going to have a much, much more difficult time eventually pushing forward with this investigation as kind of the personal relationships around him weigh on him. So it's going to look a lot different.”

Dexter returns September 26.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Showtime

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