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Jessica Alba on Machete

Published September 1, 2010 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of 20th Century Fox
Jessica Alba has kicked butt before, but this time it’s for a cause. In Machete, she plays a federal agent trying to bust illegal immigrants at first. Then of course she teams up with Machete when she sees something’s going on at the higher levels.

Jessica Alba Talks Machete

“It’s exciting, for us as artists,” Alba said. “Usually, we’re just entertaining and, most of the time, everything is just pure, commercial entertainment. Especially in Hollywood, there isn’t a whole lot of emphasis on much else. Film is used, in other places in the world, for political messages, and it’s an art, in all different forms. Some people don’t have a voice, and their government keeps them from having a voice. Knowing that we can participate in something that is socially and politically relevant, even in one of the biggest pop culture makers of the world, Hollywood, that’s awesome.”

Alba’s character switching sides could be a positive role model for people to change their prejudices. “I think it’s about education and knowledge. When you start questioning authority, government, rules and laws, and digging beyond the rhetoric, you discover your own opinion and stance, and this movie is about that. It’s about not judging a book by its cover, having your own opinion and voice, and hopefully connecting with humanity instead of picking a political side.”

Machete Poster Machete

Of course, this is the kind of immigration debate where the agents wear stiletto heels and jam them into bad guys’ eyeballs. “Walking on them wasn’t as fun as putting them in someone’s eye, that’s for sure. They were 3", so they looked much higher than they were. Robert knows how to put the camera low to make you look longer than you actually are, so that was good. They were 3", so they weren’t too high, but they weren’t that comfortable, especially in 104 degrees in Austin, Texas.”

She may be known for action, but Alba has done some comedy and she’s in Little Fockers coming out this year. “I love doing both. I have always had a soft spot for action. I basically started my adult career doing a TV show that Jim Cameron produced. He’s another one that knows how to write strong women. That’s where I started, so I always love that, but comedy is why I started acting, in the first place. I love both.”

Machete opens to theaters on September 3rd.

For the trailers, posters and more movie info, go to the Machete Movie Page.
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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of 20th Century Fox

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