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Build Your Own Smokin' Aces Poster

Published January 4, 2007 in Movie Posters
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures.
Smokin' Aces Poster Smokin' Aces
Even with all the posters already out there for Smokin' Aces -- and there is enough to make even Warner Bros jealous -- director Joe Carnahan is running on his own intuition that fans can make even better ones.

What do you say; do you want to make your own poster for Smokin' Aces? Don't worry - Smokin Joe is there to assist.

Smokin' Aces Poster Contest

Joe Carnahan's official site has posted its very own contest asking fans to submit their own Smokin' Aces posters with chosen winners earning various prizes including invites to the film's premiere.

Alright kids. I'm really digging the idea of you guys going out and making your own posters with whatever is available on the net, this blog and the various and sundry other way stations of the vast and wondrous universe we call the World Wide Web. I know I will be thrilled, surprised and quite possibly horrified by what you guys come up with.

I was informed today though that unless you're a Cali resident, it's really tough at this late date to do anything in terms of flying people, providing hotel, etc. Apparently, these guys (studios) have had their asses sued in the past and want to avoid litigation if possible. I wish it wasn't so folks, but rules are rules. It sucks. This is why all lawyers, less those in my own life, should be taken out and shot.

So, I will devise other prizes, such as the rejected posters (signed by the cast of course) and some other stuff that you guys might consider valuable...or at least valuable enough to unload on E-Bay after! SCORE!

In fact, why don't I get the winning posters actually blown up, framed and signed by the cast for their creators. NOW THAT'S COOL SHIT (If I do say so myself!)

As Carnahan says, you can use just about anything you find for the film across the net. The director has even posted a set of images to help point fans interested in the contest in the right direction. I can't really see how any will help to the point of winning, but they do at least provide motivation.

Check out the contest at SmokinJoeCarnahan.

Smokin' Aces opens on January 26th.

For the trailers, first poster, full synopsis and more movie info, go to the Smokin' Aces Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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