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Simply Brilliant: Alone With Her

Published January 10, 2007 in Movie Reviews
By Bassam Tarazi | Image from respective holders.
Alone With Her Alone With Her
Alone With Her will have you in its grasp from the first frame until the last. Its drive is unforgiving, its tension is relentless. You’ll be cuddling up in the fetal position (yes, even you fellas) from the sheer discomfort you have from acting as God in the film even if you enjoy the power at first. The entire film is seen from the point of view of hidden cameras. You are omniscient. You are the fly on the wall. It’s a voyeurs dream to say the least and it’s downright creepy.

Review: Alone With Her

Don’t be turned off by the short running time (79 minutes), believe me it is plenty. Not since Hitchcock’s Rope has a film made you feel this caught up in something horrible without giving you so much as a second’s breather. The crime is in your face the entire time and there is no respite from it. Maybe this is why the movie feels like it’s two hours long.

Yes, Colin Hanks is in this movie and he plays the part of a psychotic stalker quite well (i.e. his dad would be proud) but at times he seems to overact a bit. The real kudos goes to Ana Claudia Talancon. She is the story! Her unassuming, damaged, naïve and innocent portrayal of a girl who has no reason to suspect foul play is exquisite.

It’s great to see a movie that works with no special effects and no insane editing. The idea and the story are enough to keep this raft of a movie afloat in even the most critical seas.

Alone With Her has a limited release on January 17th.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Bassam Tarazi
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