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Smokin' Aces Reviews Across the Net

Published January 12, 2007 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Universal Pictures.
Smokin' Aces Poster Smokin' Aces
Smokin' Joe Carnahan was more than confident for the release of Smokin' Aces in the UK. The film entered theatres today and with that comes some of the first official reviews for the film.

Smokin' Aces Get Reviewed

The film is doing good, or maybe well; which is better? It seems that critics agree with what the early screening reports have hinted at -- the sub-plot blows. Fortunately this only comes into play at the end of the film. Damn it!

Here are snippets from three reviews and they are all positive. The first of them comes straight from Carnahan's blog, so it is obviously uber-positive.

Smokin' Joe Carnahan
Now Smokin Aces.......Holy sh*t!!! It never stops...ever. It comes at you from every direction. Jeremy Piven is outstanding in this...OUTSTANDING!! this is not entourage people. The shots are incredible, the music is high energy, the cast is flawless, I mean flawless. Jason Bateman is a genius in the small amount of time he is on the screen. The best scene that will be ever filmed of Ben Affleck is in this film as well...I laughed my ass off! The elevator scene is so intense I had stomach cramps. THIS IS UNLIKE ANY MOVIE EVER MADE. Tom Cruise is the biggest moron to ever step foot in Hollywood for letting Carnahan slip away from MI3, I liked MI3 but the way I liked Lost and the first few episodes of Alias. It was like a great TV movie. This is going to be one of those films used in film school to teach film students technique and style. see it the day it opens!! I am seeing it again!

Empire Magazine
Full respect to Carnahan for making the tired crime genre feel fresh, but it would have been more fun without a last-minute attempt to make it mean something.

Shadows on the Wall
Edgy and full of life, this outrageously complicated gangster thriller keeps us thoroughly entertained simply by making us work to follow along. It also has a terrific sense of style and wit, plus solid performances all around.

Virtually everyone is after Buddy "Aces" Isreal (Piven), a Vegas magician turned wannabe mafia boss. But as he revels in his Tahoe hotel suite, complete with hookers and drugs, everyone's closing in: the Feds (Reynolds, Garcia and Liotta), some bounty hunters (Affleck, Henderson and Berg), two hitwomen (Keys and Henson), and various assassins and thugs. And as they converge, the resulting conflagration will leave everyone wondering what's really going on here. And who's double-crossing whom.

Not a bad start. Not a bad start at all! I must admit that I am still curious on what this kid-sub-plot is and how it can possibly come into play with a story about hitmen battling it out for a single target.

Check out each review for Smokin' Aces by clicking on the bold links above.

Smokin' Aces opens on January 26th.

For the trailers, first poster, full synopsis and more movie info, go to the Smokin' Aces Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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