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Common on Smokin' Aces

Published January 27, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Universal Pictures.
Smokin' Aces- Common Alicia Keys and Common in Smokin' Aces
Alicia Keys is not the only musical artist making a film debut in Smokin' Aces. Common joins her, as the bodyguard to Buddy "Aces" Israel, the target of several groups of hit men. For him, acting is just another tool in his artistic belt.

Interview: Common on Smokin' Aces

"For me I just learned to be a freer artist," he said. "I think that it made me more comfortable with myself, actually acting, because I started getting more in tune with him, by doing roles or even just being in a class and being around people. That gave me a certain confidence and I started digging into parts of myself that I had probably ignored and don't really get to express because Common is an artist that is conscious and is aware and is trying to put a positive energy to the world. So, me being able to be acting and doing other things has opened me as an artist, and I think even more from a visual standpoint too as far as writing goes."

The two music worlds collide when Common's character has to carry Keys' out of a gunfight. "Alicia and I, I've been able to perform, been blessed to come and rock some shows with her and I was also featured on her unplugged album. We're artists and I respect her as a woman and as an artist, as a person, and when the time is right we might connect like that. I feel like if she has a song, I'll be like, 'Common, lets get on this.' I'll be down for that, or if I have a song. So I feel that would come naturally like everything else in life."

Now both artists have learned that they can express themselves through characters as well as their own writings. "For me it's just another way to express myself as an artist. I had to battle with myself for a minute about wanting to establish myself as an actor, that I don't want to be seen as this rapper/actor and I realized that if you're an artist you're an artist. You can express that through music, through painting, through photography, through acting. This is just another way for me to express myself. Certain things about scheduling and different things that are different from the music industry, that's one difference that I've seen, but overall as far as artistry goes it is a similar expression. You do basically discover other things about yourself that you probably wouldn't have just writing songs sometimes. That's what it is."

Smokin' Aces opens on January 26th.

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Sources: Image property of Universal Pictures.

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