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Hot Fuzz Screening Reports

Published February 6, 2007 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Rogue Pictures.
Hot Fuzz Poster Hot Fuzz
The Wright/Pegg/Frost action comedy Hot Fuzz has premiered in the UK and with it come the first major set of early reports.

Early Reviews: Hot Fuzz

The good people over at AICN received just short of a baker's dozen (I didn't really count) of early screening reports for Hot Fuzz. As Bassam and Ryan (yes, me in the third person) expected, this film is a real crowd-pleaser. Check out a couple snippets from the reviews below:

just want to let all the readers know that if they liked shaun and spaced they will not be dissapointed, i cant remember a movie that had me watching it in 1. tears from laughter 2. fits of hysterics 3. pumped with adrenaline from the action ALL AT THE SAME TIME and that was just one scene! this could be the best british movie ever made (cant think of anything that comes close)it wont be everyones cup of tea but they can f*ck off and have a coffee, all the performances are solid and perfect for their environment, the cast is a who's who of british comedy

That said, Hot Fuzz is brilliant [and from here on there may be a few minor spoilers]. For us film geeks it’s so full of references (from masters of the universe to point break), homages and in-jokes without these ever getting in the way or pulling you out of the film. As in SOTD, there’s still some wonderfully gory deaths, carefully drawn supporting characters and violence towards old people (no, in this context that’s a good thing, honest). The plot you can probably work out from the trailers and any twists in the plot you see coming as easily as if you were up a toy slide looking over a fence at a street full of zombies but, and I can’t say this enough, it’s very, very funny.

For all the Hot Fuzz reviews, head on over to AICN.

Hot Fuzz opens to theatres on April 13th, 2007.

For trailers, posters, additional movie info and the video blogs, go to the Hot Fuzz Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Rogue Pictures.

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