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Affleck's the Man About Town

Published February 14, 2007 in DVD News
By Bassam Tarazi | Image from respective holders.
Man About Town DVD Man About Town
Screw you for what I’m about to tell you. I LIKED this movie! I really did. Man About Town is one of those movies that you feel like you could put it on and do something else with your day around the house but the truth of the matter is that you will find your ass on the couch for the whole movie.

DVD Review: Man About Town

Ben Affleck and Rebecca Romijn headline this film and they were each the perfect person for their respective part. You have to love those movies that crack you up at some points and also have you welling up at other times (I’m not saying I did, but I could imagine where some people might…)

The plot moves along at a perfect pace as Affleck’s character (super Hollywood agent) goes from one disaster to another not the least of which is his cheating wife who slept with his #1 client. Oh, how savage!

Throw in a pretty decent supporting cast (Kal Penn, Adam Goldberg and John Cleese to name a few) and you got yourself one hell of a romantic comedy! Who doesn’t like to see movies about big powerful agents lose their minds and try to get it back? You know you loved Jerry Maguire and I know all you do is quote Ari from “Entourage”. So why not add a third one to the list? Man About Town should be in your DVD collection. At the very least fellas, it will show your sensitive side to the ladies. And girls, it’s a movie that we can pick and thoroughly enjoy from your “chick flick” ensemble.


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Bassam Tarazi
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