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Borat Is a Nice on DVD

Published March 8, 2007 in DVD News
By Fred Topel | Image property of Fox.
Borat Borat
Borat is the kind of movie that seems made for DVD. He did appearances in character, creating a whole world of Borat, so there must be a way to embellish that in extra features. Well, perhaps there is an elaborate special edition in the works, but even this simple DVD gives you enough extra Borat to go beyond the 80 minutes of film.

DVD Review: Borat

The deleted scenes are more like skits from the Ali G Show. They don't forward the Pamela Anderson plot, but they are funny little encounters in true Borat style. He finds a way to turn a dog pound adoption into anti-Semitic nonsense. I mean, what do you expect Borat to do with a dog? Just imagine it and he's even further out there. A hotel masseuse facilitates a pure slapstick bit of Borat messing around and getting sexually inappropriate. And there's more censored schlong. A doctor's office is full of the inappropriate Borat comments that we love.

Some bits are so repetitive they stop being funny then become funny again. The fact that not only Borat continues with the ridiculous questions, but that the participant continues to answer them is amazing. None of them are just filler. They all hold up to the material in the final film. Really, most of them are funnier than the humor coach.

There is one aftermath of one of the movie's famous bits, so it pertains to the film and shows how the real world reacts to Borat, not knowing he's a fictional character. Borat's version of Baywatch absolutely should have been the finale of the movie. The film's finale was weak and this is strong. It's a natural payoff to the naked fat fight and it should just have been in the movie.

A 15 minute spot on Borat's press tours shows best of Borat in character, including the aborted Toronto screening and a brilliant Conan O'Brien bit. Martha Stewart playing along with Borat is pretty amazing. It's just too bad they didn't include his press conference for us. I'd like to have that immortalized. But maybe on the next DVD.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Fox.

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