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Nick Frost Has Hot Fuzz

Published April 16, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Rogue Pictures.
Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz
Nick Frost, Shaun of the Dead's ball scratching slacker, becomes an action hero in Hot Fuzz. As Danny Butterman, a small town cop obsessed with action movies, he gets a chance to spout catch phrases and jump through the air in slow motion. But the most physically taxing effort may be the worldwide press tour supporting the film.

Nick Frost on Hot Fuzz

"We worked really hard on selling it, didn't we?" said Frost. "We did a very big UK tour, very big for the UK. It's not a big place, about five cities. Yeah, we really enjoy selling it really. After we did the Shaun of the Dead tour, I think it really hit home how important doing things like this is. I don't know what Shaun would have done if we hadn't done it. And sometimes I phone my girlfriend up and say, 'God, we're tired.' And she politely reminds me that it's not like working in a strontium factory or something. It is a pleasure to do."

The Hot Fuzz DVD was also in production while the film was shooting, adding hours to Frost's work day. "It can be quite an odd thing when you come off set shooting all day and then you have to sit and shoot a blog in your trailer so you're constantly shooting, even when you're not filming, there's something to be blogged. We're quite blogged out. We've got a blogger with us called Joe, a friend of ours who comes and blogs everything."

A former waiter who got into acting when friend Simon Pegg suggested he try it, Frost got to work with heavyweights of British film and theater in Hot Fuzz. Featuring Jim Broadbent, Timothy Dalton and Edward Woodward, Frost was in good company.

"I wish we had a bit of gossip for you but they were great. And I'll say that there's a reason that they're the top of their game because they're the whole package. They're prompt and they remember their lines and they're nice. There's no egos. When we were rehearsing, before every rehearsal day, we had half an hour anecdote time just so you could hear Edward Woodward talk about The Equalizer. He speaks very fondly of it."

Frost may have the anecdote to end all anecdotes though. On his American tour, he has picked up the hobby of cake flushing. "Seriously, if you ever get a chance to flush a cake, do it because it's joyous. This is like my Pay it Forward to you lot. You put it in the toilet and you flush it. If it's a small cake, it can go down in one. Your American toilets, they suck cake like no one. So I got given such a massive cake in Atlanta that I had to cut it into pieces with a shoe horn and flush it. For our tour finale in New York I'm going to flush a wedding cake. And also an apple pie but I'm going to leave it in the toilet all day to steep and then flush it later so it breaks down easier."

Hot Fuzz opens to theatres on April 20th.

For trailers, posters, clips, stills and additional movie info and the video blogs, go to the Hot Fuzz Movie Page.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Rogue Pictures.

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