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Best Made Movie Since Lord of the Rings: Hot Fuzz

Published April 19, 2007 in Movie Reviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Rogue Pictures.
Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz
Wow, this is shaping up to be a great year for movies. Less than a week after I called Grindhouse the best movie ever made, I saw a movie I may like even more. An insecure writer would make excuses, but I see that as the joy of movies. If Grindhouse can make me feel so powerfully and Hot Fuzz erases all memories of Grindhouse, what a wonderful thing for audiences. Let's just hope another movie shatters these two before the end of the year, or I'll have a hell of time choosing between them..

Review: Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is the best made movie since Lord of the Rings. Everything about it is perfect. The filmmaking maintains overwrought intensity constantly with smash cuts and deep, bassy wooshes. Every Michael Bay, John Woo and likewise moment is captured. They edit dialogue and juxtaposed scenes together sometimes obviously, sometimes more subtly. The score inspired by and sometimes taken from classic cop movies blends everything together. Even the hero walking home looks like a Scorsese-esque epic sequence.

It takes the fast paced edge of your seat thrill ride to a new level. If even the exposition scenes are snappily pouring through genre observations, the action scenes just go into the stratosphere.

The story is a satire that should make the South Park guys watch their backs. Like Trey and Matt, Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have crafted a cop movie so astute about the ridiculous genre of cop movies, yet so loving that you don't have to hate the subject when they're done ripping it apart. It's ripped apart with love.

They turn every cliché on its head starting with the disgraced cop. This cop is shunned for being too good. Trapped in a small town with an inept police force and a partner who really wants to be the action hero, this by the books workaholic is the only one who suspects the true corruption going. While solving the case, he learns why he can't have a meaningful relationship and ultimately must embrace the genre he's in.

Every moment is so brilliant I don't want to give it away, so I'll try to be vague. There's an intense face/off and prolonged chase with a petty criminal. The heroes commit brutal action against figures typically verboten from violence in movies. They quote Bad Boys II for God's sake. Not even Bad Boys, Bad Boys II!

Even the non-genre based humor is so smart it's like the film keeps saying, "Yeah, we did that" every time it executes a basic gag. From conversing with a room full of people covered up in lookalike outfits to paying off running gags at the most inopportune times, these guys are comedy pros.

So, by my Grindhouse logic, where two films within one get scored cumulatively, Hot Fuzz should really be scored by each cop movie it successfully includes in its satire. Good thing I don't use a rating system or that would be really confusing.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of Rogue Pictures.

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