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Go See Hot Fuzz

Published April 21, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Rogue Pictures.
Hot Fuzz Hot Fuzz
Before I begin, let me admit that I know how dangerously high the hype machine has been on Hot Fuzz - with CanMag as one of the many websites and publications out there to blame. Fred already posted his review, concluding that Hot Fuzz was one of the most fun films he's seen in a long time.

I just saw the film yesterday and, though I want to scream how good the film is, let me only casually suggest you go see it; but for other reasons.

See this Movie (Damn It): Hot Fuzz

After all (well, most) you moviegoers rebelled against Grindhouse for reasons I can't understand, you now owe it to yourselves, other moviegoers and people to the likes of Tarantino, Rodriguez, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and, yes, Edgar Wright to see Hot Fuzz. Like Grindhouse, the film only has only one real goal - entertain the piss right out of your pants. I can't remember a more energetic theatre, which was fortunately packed by the way.

Though I can only pray the film makes galleons of skrilla during its opening bow, that may prove difficult thanks to the fact that Hot Fuzz is only playing on just over 800 screens. Living in Newport Beach, I had to shoot over to South Coast to find a screen playing the film.

Is the film good? If you have an open sense of humor, I can't imagine how you will not love Hot Fuzz. If you have an added appreciation of the flashy-splashy (if there is a correct term for Wright's cinematic style, please let me know) cinematography, the film will leave you with a shiteater's grin for the entire 120 minutes plus another thirty afterwards.

Will some of you not like it? Yes, there was one couple that bounced out on the film right after its goriest moment. Like Shaun of the Dead, Wright, Pegg and Frost love using blood and gore any time they see a window for it. Will some people give it a grade of 'F'. Of course, there has to be this type of moviegoer as well. You know, the same person who finds films like White Chicks and Are We Done Yet? to be the highlights of the moviegoing year.

I don't want to add more unnecessary hype for Hot Fuzz and raise your expectations beyond something that can be satisfied, but I can only assume that a majority of you will give the film an 'A'. So why not go see it? Pack a theatre, have a load of chuckles, and then tell a friend. Rinse, repeat.

With spring films like 300, Grindhouse, and now Hot Fuzz, the summer tentpoles will find themselves in the rare spot of having something to live up to.

Tough indeed.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Rogue Pictures.

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