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Somebody Has Seen Bee Movie

Published April 24, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Images property of DreamWorks Animation.
Bee Movie Bee Movie

DreamWorks Animation is the proud owner of the one of the last few guaranteed CG franchises - Shrek. With many CG-animated films falling short of expectations, Shrek has become a diamond in the computer-generated rough. The studio is not spending all their time with the green ogre, however, as they are currently working with Jerry Seinfeld on Bee Movie. We have all seen the humorous teaser trailers (1, 2) that don't show much from the actual film, but not many have seen an early screening just yet.

Screening Report: Bee Movie

Reader 'PrestoMovie' has sent over his first impressions of Bee Movie based on a version that is only halfway finished animation wise. Though lacking tons of finished effects, 'PrestoMovie' still claims the film is on par with Shrek; a big claim indeed.

The movie was 60% finished animation, 20% storyboard, and 20% unfinished animation (no textures).

The screening started with a short film explaining the films animation and why some wasn't finished, and then it got started.

Barry B. Benson is a Bee about to start his job. The movie starts with typical cliche jokes like

"Barry, want some honey with your honey?"

"no thanks, i'll just have the Honey!"

Anyways, When Barry and his friend Adam (Mathew Broderick) go on a tour of Honesco to learn about their job choices, Barry finds out Bee's can only have one job for their whole lives, and this makes Barry nervous.

Barry then meets a Woman named Vanessa (Renee Zelweger) who then befriends him. In the movie, bee's speak english, they just don't talk to humans because they have nothing to say.

Barry then finds out that people buy and sell honey and he discovers bee farms where they gas bees trapped in boxes to steal the Honey. Barry then Takes this to court with the nation watching as Bee's try to gain back what is theirs.

(shortened) Bee's are put out of jobs and flowers across the world begin dying due to lack of population.

I will not explain the last part of the movie how this is solved just so i don't ruin everything.

Overall, the movie was pretty humorous with scenes such as Barry interviewing the musical artist "Sting" in court due to his choice of name.

Some of the elements in the movie like how the world was so accepting of bee's talking and taking action was a little too unclear of how people could easily believe this.

I believe this is another Dreamworks hit, and maybe on par with Shrek and better than Madagascar.

Jerry Seinfeld was pretty good in his role as a bee, and if you think the trailers for the movie are a little corny, the movie's almost nothing like the trailers.

A lot of things can change between now and Bee Movie's theatrical release. DreamWorks still has over six months to work on the project.

Bee Movie opens to theatres on November 2nd.

For the teasers, stills and more movie info, go to the Bee Movie Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Images property of DreamWorks Animation.

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