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Survivor Fiji Recap #13

Published May 11, 2007 in Television
By J Rodgers | Image property of CBS.
Survivor Fiji Survivor Fiji
After winning both challenges last week, our survivors know Boo is a threat. He must be the next to go. Feeling uneasy, Boo clears a secret path so he is able to hide and hear all conversations by the well. With only six survivors left the most devious gaming will now begin.

Survivor Fiji Rundown: Episode #13

Tree mail arrives. It is a hatchet. By the clue our contestants surmise the reward is a car. Dreamz says he never had a car. For that matter he didn’t bother to get a driver’s license because he knew he would have no use for it. Dreamz tells us he would do ‘anything’ to get a car. Be careful – people take what you say seriously in this game. In fact, the reward is a 2008 Ford (F350) Super Duty.

Now for the challenge. The survivors will be tied together in two teams of three. As a team, they must walk across three sets of see-saws. If anyone falls off, or a foot touches the ground, the team must go back and start over. They must then maneuver a net tower cargo crawl (vertical maze). The last portion of the challenge is digging in a sand pit to locate a hatchet. The hatchet will be used to cut a rope which drops a crate of school supplies into the bed of the truck. These supplies and more will be donated to a native school.

The green team is Dreamz, Cassandra and Earl. The orange team is Yao-Man, Stacy and Boo. The green team takes a commanding lead by making it over the see-saws with ease. The orange team is struggling. Yao-Man can not seem to get across the first see-saw. Finally they get across and begin to catch up. The green team has lost time on the cargo crawl – can you say Cassandra. When it comes to challenges she has to be one of the weakest players ever. Boo virtually pulls Stacy through the netting. Both teams are in a dead heat when they begin digging for their hatchet. Boo digs like a mad man and finds the hatchet first. The orange team has a come from behind win. The three winning team members must throw hatchets at ropes to determine who will win the truck. Stacy is too weak to even get close. Boo and Yao are tied at one rope each. Yao throws on target at cuts his second rope. Yao-Man wins the truck.

Then in one of the biggest surprises in survivor, Yao-Man says he wants to negotiate. He tells Dreams he is willing to give him the truck. Not so fast – remember I said negotiate. Yao would like a promise from Dreams that if they are in the final four and Dreams wins immunity, he would give it to Yao-Man. Now this is banking on Dreamz being an honest man. As Jeff says it comes down to Dreamz’ word. Dreamz takes the deal and replaces Yao-Man for the reward. In an equally stunning move Yao-Man sends himself to Exile Island.

On Exile Island Yao-Man is very happy. He says this is the biggest gift he was ever able to give anyone. He knows the truck will help Dreamz in his life. But always a player, Yao also wants to get the third clue for the second immunity idol. The clue: Toward the distant mainland mountain down the beach – If you’re ‘pining’ for treasure it’s within your reach. OK so we now know it is under a towering rock in a pine tree.

The truck must float up river to a road where they will pick up a modular trailer. The trailer is completely set up as a school office. Boo, Dreamz and Stacy unload the school supplies from the crate in the truck bed. There is sports equipment, back packs, uniforms, everything kids need for school. You have never seen a happier group of kids. Our survivors then have lunch with the school children. Dreams says he relates to the kids. The truck will be his next step up in life and the school supplies will be their next step up in life. How adorable is he? He actually asks the kids if they have ever been to America.

Now Dreamz is thinking about Yao-Man’s strategy of the trade. He knows to remain a man of his word he must get rid of Yao before the final four. Earl is working off the information of the first two clues and is out searching for the second idol. Cassandra and Dreams are talking about getting rid of Yao. Dreamz tells her he doesn’t want to be a liar and if he won immunity in the final four he would have to give it to Yao. They also share how worried they are about Boo being such a physical threat.

For the immunity challenge, each of our survivors are standing on a platform. They must throw a ball on a rope into a hoop. They will then pull the rope to lower a balance beam and walk across to a perch. The first four will move on to the next round. Dreamz finishes first, followed by Boo, Earl and Yao-Man. From round two, the top two finishers will move on to the final round. Yao-Man and Boo advance to the final round. This round consists of two phases. The first part is the same. Then they must walk across a second beam from the perch. Standing on the second perch they must throw a grappling hook and retrieve a buoy thereby winning immunity. Surprise, surprise Boo wins immunity.

Boo is ‘stoked’ to win immunity. He knows his number was up. The rest of the tribe is very disappointed. Yao-Man is telling Earl about the third clue to the hidden immunity idol. So the search is on. Earl is out for a long time looking. Yao is getting a little nervous. Earl finds the idol and is guaranteed a spot in the final four. He returns to camp and gives Yao a nod. Dreamz approaches Stacy about the possibility of voting out Yao-Man. She is very relieved because she thought she would be gone tonight. They know the only way to carry this off is for Yao-Man to have no idea they are voting for him and not be able to play his idol. As to not tip off Earl about the plan, Stacy talks to him about accepting her fate.

At tribal council Jeff brings up the truck deal. He asks Yao-Man what he expects from Dreamz. He replies that he expects Dreamz to keep his word. But maybe he has a target on his back for the next three rounds since he has the idol. Jeff says the million dollar blunder would be to have the idol and not play it. Jeff then asks Stacy how she thinks the voting will go. She answers with the dumbest remark. She says the votes will be split. Eyebrows are raised. The votes are cast. Jeff asks before the votes are read if anyone would like to play an immunity idol. After what seems like an eternity, Yao-Man gets up and hands Jeff his idol. Jeff tells us any votes for Yao-Man do not count and the person with the most votes other than Yao will go home. With the two votes from Earl and Yao-Man, Stacy is voted out. She can only blame herself. The rest of the tribe voted for Yao-Man and will have some explaining to do. As a parting remark, Jeff brings up the possibility of the other hidden immunity idol and the last time to use it would be the next tribal council.

How can Sunday be the Finale with five survivors left? What will the fallout be from the last vote? Will Dreamz make it to the final four? Will he keep his word? Will he intentionally not win immunity? We have two days to wait and see who will Outwit – Outplay – Outlast. Sunday night we will have our sole Survivor.

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J Rodgers
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