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Official Reviews Appear for Ocean's 13

Published May 29, 2007 in Early Reviews
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of Warner Bros Pictures.
Ocean's 13 Poster Ocean's 13
If you were one of those who were wondering why the CanMag updates were arriving kind of slow over the holiday weekend, know that I was up in Tahoe playing craps and enjoying free booze while celebrating my brother's wedding. Speaking of craps, Warner Bros. will again throw the dice on the Ocean's franchise with its third installment, Ocean's 13.

Though the second film only proved that Soderbergh and the rest of the cast suffered from big-head syndrome, the official reviews suggest the third film is back on par with the original.

Official Reviews for Ocean's 13

Two reviews coming at your for Ocean's 13 and both claim that this third installment most definitely spanks the second.

As smooth as a good mojito, as stylish as an Armani suit and as meaningful in the grand scheme of things as yesterday's Las Vegas betting odds, "Ocean's Thirteen" continues the breezy good times of the first two series entries without missing a beat. By returning the action to Vegas, producer Jerry Weintraub and director Steven Soderbergh recapture the feel of the 2001 original after the 2004 European detour that bugged some fans. With George, Brad, Matt and the rest pulling another ultra-cool con without breaking a sweat, and with Al Pacino ideal as their new nemesis, Warner Bros. can bet on cashing in for yet another franchise payday.

Rolling the dice for a third time in "Ocean's Thirteen," Steven Soderbergh and his team beat the odds. Final chapters of trilogies invariably suffer from lameness. This, of course, already transpired in the "Ocean's Twelve," where subplots misfired and the script resorted to all sorts of slight-of-hand trickery.

The new film, which screened Out of Competition at Cannes, returns to Las Vegas and does recapture much of the spirit of the original film. Of course, after six years and two films, a new film can no longer have the bracing freshness of "Ocean's Eleven." Then again, the film doesn't need to waste time explaining everyone's role. We know how these heist-masters operate. Familiarity will also breed solid boxoffice for the film both domestically and internationally as many will want to catch these cool men in cool clothes shaking down Vegas as you only wish you could.

Check out both official reviews for Ocean's 13 by clicking on the bold links above.

Ocean's 13 opens to theatres on June 8th.

For the stills, trailers, posters and additional movie info, go to the Ocean's 13 Movie Page.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
Sources: Image property of Warner Bros Pictures.

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