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Carly Schroeder on Gracie

Published June 3, 2007 in Movie Interviews
By Fred Topel | Image property of Picturehouse.
Carly Schroeder can relate to her title character in Gracie. She's a tomboy who plays sports and won't stop no matter what society says. Although she will dress up when the movie studio asks her to look nice to promote their movie.

Carly Schroeder Talks Gracie

"I actually really don't like dressing up but I was told that I was supposed to," she said. "This dress is actually long enough but usually I have soccer shorts underneath all my dresses. But I love playing soccer and I love being a tomboy. Then again, at the same time, I do like dressing up and putting on heels and then going out to movies or hanging out with guys. It's fun."

The story of a girl trying to play soccer on the boys' team in 1970s New Jersey was right up Schroeder's alley. "I read the script when I was 13 and as soon as I read it, I loved the character of Gracie and knew that I wanted to play her. Once I kind of set my mind on something, I don't stop until I really reach that goal."

In real life, nobody gives her any guff about rolling around in the dirt. "My parents are very, very supportive of me. We actually originally lived in Indiana and at the age of six I got a two year contract on a soap opera that shot here in California. So at the age of six I convinced them to move to California. They left the dream house that my dad had just built for my mom and our whole family packed up and moved out to support me and my career. So they're very supportive. My mom has no wants of ever doing the acting or anything like that. Everybody always asks like 'Is your mom trying to live through you or something? Is she forcing you into this?' But there's no way. No way, my mom doesn't do pictures, anything. She doesn’t want to be anywhere near the camera."

Gracie Gracie

Gracie Gracie

Gracie Gracie

Though she has worked in film and television before, Gracie gave her some new skills to take with her in the future. "I would have to say definitely some of the things that Davis [Guggenheim] as a director and just really as a friend gave to me. He was always, always on set and always eager to do something new. He was always there to give me advice or try and help me. He really had this great thing of realizing that every actor needs something different to perform their best. And I think that is so true for the fact that when I do my crying scenes or when I have upset scenes, I like being left alone. Some people like being talked into it and he gave me great for instances of how I should be feeling or how my character would feel and he kind of put me as a person into the situations in my life to kind of make it more realistic for me so I could put my own characteristics into it. He just gave me so many different things that I can use for different roles and especially this one."

With Gracie serving as a role model to young girls, Schroeder hopes to inspire the next generation. "I think that you should always realize that you can like boys and sports which a lot of people seem to think, especially for softball girls, which I think is so offensive, but that they can't like boys and sports at the same time. I think it's absolutely ridiculous. I know so many girls, one in particular who is on the boys' football team and all the mothers right now are actually trying to petition to get her off the football team. I think that is the most ridiculous thing ever for the fact that she beat all the boys in everything that she tried out for and she is good enough to be on the JV team, and she's on the JV team right now. She's playing and they want her off because she's worried she could hurt herself. Do you know how many guys are wusses on the football team that hurt themselves? No offense to guys who play football but they get hurt too and there's no reason why she shouldn’t be able to. I think that if girls want to play sports, they should be respected and supported as equally as boys. Not that I have an opinion or anything."

Gracie is out in theaters now.

For the trailer, interviews, poster and more movie info, go to the Gracie Movie Page.

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