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More on 'Cloverfield'

Published July 8, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Ethan Haas Was Right Ethan Haas was Right

'Joel' has sent over a couple new updates for JJ Abrams top-secret project, currently called Cloverfield. Since Transformers did so well over the holiday I'd have to assume that most of you have seen the film's badass teaser trailer. If you haven't, check out the details here.

Cloverfield Updates

I didn't know if you had seen this or not, but I wanted to send it to you anyway...

Three new websites for 'Cloverfield' have popped up, two being blogs, and one being a game unveiling new information. The description of the game from Cinematical:

This isn't just a ball, it's a game. If you click on the ball, six symbols will pop up. Memorize the order in which the symbols pop up, then go back and click on those same six symbols. If you screw up, it will just repeat the pattern for you. Once you get that right, a grainy video featuring some guy (named Dan?) in a baseball hat appears. In it, he talks about how Ethan Haas predicted all this was going to happen, and that since we found the video, we're obviously in on the whole thing too. There's something about August 1st being an important day (missed that part), and then the video ends. Afterward, another game pops up; one that's a lot more intricate. There's three stars in the sky and some sort of oval-shaped puzzle (filled with symbols) in the center of the screen. If you wave your cursor over the star located on the far right, you'll see a sequence of symbols pop up on screen. That's as far as I got, as I'm not sure how to fit those symbols into the oval-shaped thingy.

The two blogs are:

And the game is at:

I'm guessing Ethan Haas will be a major character. ;)

Nice work.

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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