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Fox Poopoos Comic-Con

Published July 18, 2007 in Movie News
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
Hitman Hitman

What happened here? After the move had been rumored earlier this week, Fox has confirmed that they are pulling out of this year's Comic-Con.

Comic-Con Fox-less... So No Hitman, Jumper, Aliens vs. Predator and More

For those of you hoping to see more from Hitman or get your first bits and tastes from Jumper, you might as well forget about it. LATimes has confirmed with Fox that the studio (and their films) won't be making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2007.

The studio pulled out of Comic-Con on Wednesday, just a week shy of the massive movie fan convention in San Diego, canceling its star- and filmmaker-studded panel, saying clips from its slate of effects-heavy films just aren't ready.

The studio previously announced plans to promote its movies during a panel next Friday in the main hall at the fan and media confab that runs July 26 through July 29.

Fox movies pulled from the schedule are "Jumper," directed by Doug Liman and starring Hayden Christensen; directors Colin and Greg Strause's update to the popular "Aliens vs. Predator" franchise; the Vin Diesel action film "Babylon A.D."; and "Hitman," starring Timothy Olyphant, based on the wildly popular video game of the same name.

"Fox is not going to be able to participate in Comic-Con this year," said Sean Dudas, the studio's vice president of national publicity on Wednesday. "The material wasn't ready and we only want to go out when we can put our best foot forward."

The last-minute cancellation is something of a upset as the major Hollywood film studios and their requisite genre divisions have increasingly made the annual trek to Comic-Con to launch and tease eagerly anticipated films and franchises, such as "Spider-Man," "300," and "The Chronicles of Narnia" directly to fans and media. An estimated 123,000 will be attending the convention.

The last thing a studio wants to do is show unfinished, or should I say crap, material to a bunch of raving fanboys and girls; so I understand their reasoning. But talk about last minute!

Stay tuned for updates.

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Ryan Parsons
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