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Handheld Videos from the Set of 1-18-08

Published August 3, 2007 in Movie Clips
By Ryan Parsons | Image property of respective holders.
1-18-08 Poster 1-18-08
I don't know if behind-the-scenes footage will help solve the mystery to 1-18-08, but we might as well take a shot at it, right?

1-18-08 On Set Clips

I spent a few minutes watching the clips -- I would have spent a little more time, but I got bored and we are on 'catch-up' mode today -- and couldn't find anything that suggested more than the trailer. It is nice, however, to see all the destruction on set, proving that, though this film claims to be 'low-budget', it will still allow us to watch annihilation of objects and vehicles.

The camera guy seems to think that all the happenings on set prove we have a 'Godzilla' movie. I don't know about that, but he did notice a couple crew members wearing Slusho shirts. Coincidence?

I think not!

Thanks to 'Cesar' for the heads up.

1-18-08 opens to theaters on 1-18-08.

Movie page coming soon, seriously.
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Ryan Parsons
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