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James Denton Talks Desperate Housewives

Published August 8, 2007 in Television
By Fred Topel | Image property of ABC.
James Denton in Desperate Housewives James Denton in Desperate Housewives
Women have enjoyed ogling Mike the plumber for three seasons on Desperate Housewives. Even though he is now officially taken, finally married to Susan, the excitement won't die down. Actor James Denton has just gone back to work to explore a new relationship with his costar.

James Denton on New Relationships in Desperate Housewives

"Obviously, there'll be a lot of growing pains," said Denton. "Mike is kind of a fish out of water. He's never been in a family with two women. He's suddenly a father to a teenage girl that he barely knows. So hopefully it will be a lot of domestic situational comedy. The first episode it's all been funny. I'm sure it's going to get dark."

After a coma, a long lost son and a battle of wits with a new fiancé, what more could go wrong for these poor people? "I know. Hopefully they'll let us be happy for at least a little while."

The Mike/Susan tension propelled the first three seasons of the actors' storylines. Denton is happy to explore the new tensions presented by marriage. "You know, it was time. I think you risk the audience not caring if you wait too long. I think Marc timed it pretty well, the end of season three. We couldn't put it off much longer. You know, Mike goes from kind of being an interesting sort of serious single guy to the father of a teenager. It was time."

Even Denton confirms that this marriage will not calm Susan down. "Oh no, that would ruin everything. You don't want that."

Desperate Housewives returns to ABC this fall.

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Fred Topel
Sources: Image property of ABC.

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